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Executive Committee

David B. Williams
Dean College of Engineering

Ginger Breon
Chief Information Officer

Ann Christy
Assistant Dean of Teaching and Learning

Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska 
Associate Dean for Research

Michael Hagenberger
Associate Dean of Facilities Planning and Management

John Horack
Senior Associate Dean & Neil Armstrong Chair in Aerospace Policy 

Rachel Kleit
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs

Marie Mead 
Executive Director of Finance and Business Operations / Chief of Staff

Donnie Perkins
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

La'Tonia Stiner-Jones
Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs

David Tomasko
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education and Services

Chris Yates
Chief Advancement and Economic Development Officer


Michael Mills
Chair, Materials Science and Engineering 

Michael Cadwell
Director, Knowlton School of Architecture

Monica Cox
Chair, Department of Engineering Education

Tamal Dey
Interim Chair, Computer Science and Engineering

Hesham El Gamal
Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Samir Ghadiali
Chair, Biomedical Engineering

John Horack
Interim Director, Center for Aviation Studies

Allison MacKay 
Chair, Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering

Andre Palmer 
Chair, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Farhang Pourboghrat
Chair, Integrated Systems Engineering

Vish Subramaniam
Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Scott Shearer
Chair, Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering