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Computer Science and Engineering

About the Department

Ohio State’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering has excelled in both research and education since 1968. Ranked among the top 15 computer science departments at a U. S. public institution by U.S. News and World Report, the department provides an outstanding educational experience.

The department offers multiple undergraduate degree programs, empowering students to pursue the education that meets their career goals. The computer science degree combines a rigorous computing program with exposure to many different areas of engineering and general education. Typically, students study the design and analysis of algorithms and data structures, principles of programming languages, systems software design, computer architecture, database and file designs, artificial intelligence, computer graphics and software engineering.

Students at all levels are encouraged to work on research in one of the many diverse areas of study. Graduates can be found working at some of the most innovative corporations and research laboratories, as well as continuing their research and teaching at leading academic institutions.


The demand for people skilled in the computing field continues to grow, contrary to popular misconception, because computing is essential in all areas of society. Recent Bureau of Labor Statistics projections for U.S. job growth in the next decade show computing jobs, of the sort CSE graduates might take, comprising the top two—and half of the top 10—positions in the rankings for jobs requiring an undergraduate degree.

Computer hardware and software vendors hire CSE graduates to work in areas such as hardware and software product development, quality assurance, customer support, sales and marketing, documentation and training. But even more often, organizations that use these products (such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, banks, insurance companies, and manufacturing firms) hire CSE graduates as software engineers to build system foundations as well as end-user applications, and as systems analysts, database administrators and network administrators. Most large companies have internal computing departments that develop custom products for use by other departments within the same company.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science
Bachelor of Arts in Computer and Information Science
Combined BS/MS in Computer Science and Engineering
Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Engineering

Computer and Information Science Undergraduate Minor
Graduate Minor in Applied Software Engineering


The department is actively engaged in researching topics such as artificial intelligence, computer graphics, computer networking, software engineering, systems engineering, theory and algorithms.

Learn more about CSE research, including opportunities for undergraduate students.