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Diversity in Engineering

group forming OHIO with armsWe advance Inclusive Excellence by...

Advocating for campus diversity and inclusion

Promoting the understanding of diversity and inclusion and,

Integrating its principles and practices into the fabric and culture of the college.

Diversity and academic excellence are interwoven. The College of Engineering continues to develop programs for K-12, Undergraduates, Graduates, Faculty, and Staff that are centered on inclusive excellence. A diverse campus and inclusive climate enriches the engineering informal curriculum, fuels creativity, launches innovation, and helps develop the next generation of engineering leaders.

For Students:

We offer a variety of student-centric academic, professional and social enrichment programs.  Our Diversity, Outreach & Inclusion programs have long standing initiatives designed to increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities in engineering.  Featured programs include, but are not limited to:

Our office also works closely with some of the country’s largest and most active engineering student organizations to build a strong supportive community. Some of our partner organizations include:


For Our Faculty and Industry Partners:

The benefits of a sustained partnership include:

Broader Impact Support

Access to diversity focused K-12 Outreach programs and current student initiatives for broader impact activities in research proposals.  Our DOI programs have long standing initiatives designed to increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities in engineering. Faculty should contact Dr. Howard for K-12 outreach assistance

Workforce Development

  • Recruit from one of the country’s largest and most comprehensive engineering programs.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with diversity outreach, recruitment and professional development programs.
  • Increased brand awareness and early identification among engineering undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Assistance with identifying and making meaningful and sustained connections with scholarship recipients.

Helping Companies Get Connected

Collaborating with Ohio State's engineering diversity programs ensures that your recruiting trips to campus are spent with students who best meet your hiring and diversity expectations.

For more information contact Courtney Ross (