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Program Overview

High school seniors applying to the Columbus campus are encouraged to submit their complete admission application by November 15th. Capacity within Engineering fills quickly.

All students entering Ohio State in the College of Engineering enroll in the Pre-Major Program. During your time as a pre-major student, you will enroll in math, science and engineering courses that are foundational to the major (or majors) you are exploring. Through courses such as the Fundamentals of Engineering sequence, you will learn more about the many specializations within the field of engineering and "test drive" majors to see which subject area interests you the most. Below is a sample first-year engineering plan of study to give you a general understanding of the coursework to expect the first year.

First-Year Engineering Plan of Study (sample*)

Autumn Semester


Spring Semester

Course Title

Course No.



Course Title

Course No.









Calculus I

MATH 1151



Engineering Math A

MATH 1172


Fundamentals of Engineering I

ENGR 1181

(1281 for honors)

2 (5)


Fundamentals of Engineering II

ENGR 1182

(1282 for honors)

2 (5)

Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Waves




General Chemistry

CHEM 1210

(or 1250)

5 (or 4)

General Education Course

(Example: Econ or Psych)




First-Year English Composition

ENG 1110


Intro to Ohio State & Engineering




*Please note this is a sample schedule. Each student’s schedule may vary depending on their intended major.

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How to Apply: 

The Pre-Major Program

Students interested in pursuing engineering at Ohio State indicate their pre-major of interest on their admissions application. Applicants are reviewed holistically by Ohio State Undergraduate Admissions.  The College of Engineering does not review nor have access to applications for incoming freshmen. Learn more about the admissions process:

All students entering Ohio State in the College of Engineering enroll in the Pre-Major Program, enabling students to explore our 14 majors through both their coursework and information sessions. As pre-majors, students will:

  • complete foundational coursework that includes the Fundamental of Engineering course sequence, calculus and, for most majors, physics and/or chemistry.
  • engage with faculty, academic advisors and peers to explore options, and learn how several engineering majors can lead to similar career outcomes.
  • select and apply to three majors of interest during the semester that eligibility courses are completed, which generally occurs during the second semester of enrollment.

Students will learn more about the application to major process and major opportunities at orientation, and throughout their freshmen year.

Student testimonial: As a Buckeye engineer, I will enhance medical safety through technology." - Nnaemeka